Hottest New Programming Language

What is the hottest new programming language?

So, what is the hottest new programming language?  The answer might surprise you…  It’s ENGLISH!

hottest new programming language

This morning I read about a fascinating AI role that’s turning heads in the tech industry. The job in question? Prompt engineering.

While tech roles typically scream for a laundry list of technical skills and experience, this one breaks the mould.

No tech experience required

No need to be a whiz at coding or a software savant. Instead, what’s up for grabs is a role that’s more about finesse with words and understanding human nuances. The main task? Coaching AI, like a language tutor of sorts, to communicate effectively and deliver spot-on responses.

This is a space where the power of plain English takes centre stage. The aim is to shape these AI models to be more helpful, accurate, and, let’s say, ‘human-like’ in their interactions.

Six-Figure salary!

These positions often come with six-figure salaries, as experts highlight the growing importance of this skill set in the AI market.

Think of it as a new frontier where the humanities meet artificial intelligence. The tech world is acknowledging that to make AI truly useful, it needs a human touch — one that doesn’t necessarily come from traditional tech backgrounds. It’s an exciting opportunity for those who might have felt the tech industry was out of their reach due to a lack of technical skills.

So, if you’ve got a knack for clear communication, a touch of creativity, and a large dash of critical thinking, you could be in the running for these roles.

With big names like OpenAI, Google, and Tesla racing to evolve their AI offerings, the demand for prompt engineers is on the rise.

If this piques your interest, imagine being part of the team that trains AI on products like ChatGPT or Google’s Bard. The landscape is competitive and bustling with innovation, and now’s the time when your unique skill set could land you a role in shaping the future of AI communication.

For a deeper dive into the world of AI and the evolving job market, check out the details on the original article I read from Fortune [Experts say there are ‘no technical skills required’ for this A.I. job that pays six figures (]

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Ms Bella St John