ChatGPT is Lazy!

The definition of insanity has changed…

It’s now when one argues with a GPT!  (and I wasn’t just crazy enough to do it with one GPT, I did it with TWO!)


OK, here’s the situation:

Prompt was:  using supplied PDF (I even supplied the content and just wanted ChatGPT to put it into chronological order for me), please identify all items in the PDF that are within the date range 1700 to 1800 and provide in chronological order.  Please include every item, every event, every person, and compile them into the one list.

What is the supplied PDF?  Simply a bunch of lists I had collected of various people and events from around 600 to present, and in separate tables according to the subject, but all with consistent column headings in each table.

Sometimes it would begin perfectly, only to then on one occasion stop part way and say, “and so on”!  …and so on???!!!

Sometimes it gave me a list of monarchs only – then I suggested it had missed out other items such as prime ministers, and so asked it to redo the list, include everything it had just provided and also include all prime ministers and ALL other items from the supplied pdf that were within the date range of 1700 to 1800… and I would get prime ministers and nothing else…  I would ask why it did not include all data, and it would apologise and say it could do better, but it thought that was all I wanted… so I asked for, “include ALL items from the supplied document – every single item whether they are emperors, or leaders, or events, or fires, of discoveries – include absolutely every item from the supplied document that has a date that falls between 1700 and 1800″… and then I get a list only containing the popes…

…and so it went – for about THREE HOURS!  It was a battle of human vs machine!

So, here are some screenshots from my AI conversation (I think this one was Bard – but ChatGPT and Bard were essentially both giving me exactly the same types of responses)…  it’s a strange world………….

…and by this stage, we are about two hours into the ‘challenge’ and my frustration is showing…

…I need wine now… 🍷