DeepSteaks Deep Fake of ‘Real People’

DeepSteaks Deep Fake?  Think that ‘deep fake’ (videos that look and sound like a person, but are actually AI-generated) is just a problem for celebrities and politicians?  Think again!



The DeepSteaks deep fake video on YouTube is a fascinating exploration into the world of deepfake technology. It shows a group of people who are vegan and who are given a new type of vegan sandwich.  Through deepfake technology, however, their statements are completely altered to ones saying they love to eat meat!

Deep Fake Technology

This video is a real eye-opener.  It explores how advanced deepfake technology has become, and how capable of changing what we say and believe in a very convincing manner.

deepsteaks deep fake

What’s striking about this video is not just the technology itself, but the implications it has on a personal and societal level. It’s a stark reminder that our identity and words can be manipulated, leading to potential misinformation and even identity theft. Consider how this technology could affect personal reputations, relationships, and even broader societal discourse.

Yes, if looking closely, one can see the lips are not perfect, but it was close enough to fool the people who saw themselves on the screen!!

The video acts as a call to action. It’s important for everyone to educate themselves about the existence and capabilities of deepfake technology.

While there’s a push for the development of tools to detect deepfakes, ensuring we can differentiate between what’s real and what’s not, the better that technology gets, the better becomes the technology of fooling the technology that was developed to detect it.

AI Doppelgangers

What is perhaps more disturbing, is when one adds the above to the doppelganger story we covered here:

In essence, “DeepSteaks” is more than just a demonstration of technology; it’s a conversation starter about the future of information authenticity and our role in navigating this new reality.

Digital Doppelgangers: Shaping a 1984-Inspired World

It really is a strange new world…

~ Bella

Ms Bella St John